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Satinalia, Part II: Fenix
As the sky began to darken, the crowds in the streets grew thicker and thicker.  By the time Alessar stepped outside, there was the faintest hint of light still in the western sky, and the throng had gotten positively intimidating.
He had grown up in the largest city in Ferelden, but Denerim paled in comparison to Antiva City.  In his time here, he could see how this place had shaped Zevran, Crow training aside.  A certain joie de vivre, to steal an Orlesian phrase, seemed to mark all who lived here.  Even if life was difficult and times were hard, there was always something to celebrate and be thankful for, even if it was simply the fact that you'd lived to see another day.  It seemed to dovetail with Zevran's philosophy of taking pleasures where they could be found.
Like in the madness of a Satinalia night? the Fereldan elf thought with a tinge of nervousness. He had heard plenty of anecdotes by now -- many of the
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Satinalia, Part I: Arrendajo
The Plaza of Lions, the first evening of Satinalia. I will find you.
Alessar realized his hand was trembling slightly as he read and re-read the note. Taking a deep breath to collect himself, he let the parchment fall to the bed, where it landed on top of the small chest it had accompanied. It mattered little that the note was not in his grasp, however; he could close his eyes and see that single line of text, the hand so achingly familiar, burned into his eyelids.
A messenger had intercepted him not long after he arrived in Antiva City. He had expected contact of some sort -- from the Crows if not from Zevran -- and had not been disappointed. Of course, that was assuming that "Zevran" and "The Crows" were separate entities at this point... What was going on here?
He had come for answers, to that and to other questions harder to put into words, but that first, brief message, also in Zevran's fine script (did Crows train in penmanship? He'd never asked...),
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Sweet Something-or-Others
Sweet Something-or-Others
a Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin fanfic
Tristran looked up hopefully as the door slowly opened, but the look on Tallis's face when she stepped into the sunlight was not encouraging.
"This is officially my worst night ever," the elf groaned, "but Lord Cyril's our ticket — he has the key."
"Wait, you know he has the key?  What's the problem?"  It was hard for Tristran to understand how someone who could take out half a murder of Antivan Crows could have so much trouble breaking into a house.  It could be that her expertise is mostly in combat, he reasoned, but still...
"Maybe he just doesn't like elves... or women," she said, emphasizing the last word meaningfully.  "You, on the other hand, are just his type, I bet.  He sure seemed happy to talk to you before — did you see the look he gave Bann Perrin to get him to leave us alone?"
The man restrained the urge to smack his
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Ruby-Eyed III by Jenovan Ruby-Eyed III :iconjenovan:Jenovan 9 7 Ruby-Eyed II by Jenovan Ruby-Eyed II :iconjenovan:Jenovan 5 0 Ruby-Eyed I by Jenovan Ruby-Eyed I :iconjenovan:Jenovan 7 6
An Unheralded Homecoming
Well-Woven Net, Knot 20: An Unheralded Homecoming
The next morning, the company greeted Alessar with varying levels of curiosity and concern.  Leliana seemed to be the first to notice his new accessory; after she hugged him and held him at arms' length to give him a looking-over, her eyes lingered on the earring, and she smiled knowingly.  To the elven Warden's inward relief, though, she said nothing, just squeezed his hands as she stepped back.  The simple fact that at least one person was happy for them lifted Alessar's spirits, and he greeted the rest of his friends with a somewhat brighter countenance.
Talk over their hurried breakfast was of inconsequential things: the day's weather, the banns who had already been seen in town for the Landsmeet, speculation about the next Arl of Denerim.  Talk of Fort Drakon was studiously avoided, and no one mentioned Alistair's sudden betrothal, either.  Alessar wondered if the other Warde
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Small Comfort
A Dragon Age 2 Fanfiction
Tristran stared at the delicate locket in his hand, not truly seeing it as his thoughts spun in useless circles. It had been one of his mother's treasures, the Amell arms embossed on the face and a small, worn scrap of paper tucked inside, a line of poetry his father had written for her years and years ago.  They'd found the locket in the maleficar's effects; it must not have fit his vision of his dead wife.  At least he hadn't cast it away, never to be found again...
Could grief drive a person that mad — to the point of murdering and butchering innocent people?  Or was the madness already there, sparked into a blaze by loss?
The quiet sound of footfalls near the doorway pulled him out of his thoughts. The familiar tread of mostly-bare feet upon the wooden floor was controlled, balanced: the walk of a well-trained warrior who never truly let his guard down.
As Tristran's eyes re-focused on the locket, for a moment he saw it o
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Miracles of the Unremarkable
Well-Woven Net, Knot 19: Miracles of the Unremarkable
If it had been up to Zevran, he would have sent Arl Eamon's messenger away with a few choice words, but Alessar resignedly agreed to see the arl within the hour for what was promised to be a "brief discussion".  
"They need to know I'm still capable of... well, anything," The elven Warden said to him with a small smile.  "I can't just stay here and hide until the civil war ends and the Blight goes away."  He still looked exhausted, but in the past couple of hours the look of despair in his eyes had faded; Zevran only hoped that the improvement was not temporary.
Aside from a few minutes spent on the business of piercing Alessar's ear (the sight of that familiar sapphire dangling from his left ear was still strange, but quite pleasing), the two elves had done nothing of real consequence this afternoon.  They'd spent a while on small tasks — equipment upkeep and the like — in co
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The 42nd Thane, III by Jenovan The 42nd Thane, III :iconjenovan:Jenovan 7 7 The 42nd Thane, II by Jenovan The 42nd Thane, II :iconjenovan:Jenovan 4 4 The 42nd Thane, I by Jenovan The 42nd Thane, I :iconjenovan:Jenovan 6 0 Profile: Sikhander ul-Naga by Jenovan Profile: Sikhander ul-Naga :iconjenovan:Jenovan 5 5
Duplicity, Part III
As Beth woke, she realized immediately by the feel of the bed beneath her that she was in an unfamiliar place.  Sitting up, she looked around, taking a quick survey of her surroundings.  The room was more or less empty of anything besides furniture and decor, marking it as seldom used — probably a guest bedroom of some sort.  Heavy curtains covered the single window, but daylight leaked in around the edges of the brocade.  
Brighter than that trickle of sunlight were the magical auras of two angels, her own Kezayed and the powerful stranger who had called her away from her dream.  Of course, she couldn't actually see them, but she could certainly feel their presence.  "Kezayed?" she murmured, wanting to hear the reassuring sound of his voice.
"I'm here, love," he said quickly, apparently standing near the head of the bed, at her left side.  "Are you all right?  How do you feel?"
"Fine, just a li
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Still Sweet II by Jenovan Still Sweet II :iconjenovan:Jenovan 5 3 Still Sweet I by Jenovan Still Sweet I :iconjenovan:Jenovan 8 0


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Andi K.
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Brain Flatline

Tue Nov 1, 2011, 10:04 AM
Sometimes, when I'm under a lot of stress, my sense of creativity will bubble up when I have the least time or opportunity to deal with it, like it resents being forcibly bottled up.  That's still kinda good, in a way, because it leads to new ideas.

Lately, though, I've been under a constant, medium level of stress which has made it difficult to get anything creative done.  It's like I'm pressed hard enough to not have time for anything, but not hard enough to get new ideas, either.  It kinda sucks. :|

Still, I've been trying to poke out a few bits of writing here and there, and one of them had a deadline attached to it, so here 'tis. ;P

I'm hoping December (notice I'm skipping November ~_~) will be somewhat more relaxed, work-wise...


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